strona główna

For the British and Americans Christmas begins on 25th December - Christmas Day, but Catholics start celebrating Christmas the day before, on 24th December - Christmas Eve. Children prepare cookies and milk for Santa Claus. Some kids try to wait for Santa near the fireplace but the good old gentleman is very clever and they can never see him. The next day children find a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. The family gather round the table to have Christmas dinner: roast turkey, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and Christmas pudding in Britain and turkey, pumpkin pie and corn bread in America. The houses are decorated with ivy, holly and mistletoe. The next day, 26th December, is called Boxing Day. On this day people don’t go back to work yet but spend time with friends or go to the cinema or to the theatre.

Begin - zaczšć

gift - prezent

prepare - przygotowywać

near - blisko

clever - bystry

gather - gromadzić się

ivy - bluszcz

holly - ostrokrzew

mistletoe - jemioła

custom - zwyczaj, tradycja

Based on ‘British and American Holidays’

Kaja Buœko