Columbus Day

strona główna

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He wanted to find a short way to India. The king of Portugal refused him money for the journey but in the end king Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain founded the voyage. On 3rd August, 1492 Columbus sailed from Palos in Spain. He had three ships: Santa Maria, Pinta and Niña. He came to America on 12th October with one ship only. It was Santa Maria. Columbus was sure he found India and he never discovered his mistake.

was born - urodził się

wanted - chciał

find - znaleźć

refused - odmówił

founded - ufundowali

journey - podróż

sailed - dopłynął

had - miał

came - przybył

sure - pewien

mistake - pomyłka

Piotr Korycki