Guy Fawkes Day

strona główna

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on the 5th November in Great Britain. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic executed by order of James I because in 1605 he wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The Gunpowder Plot failed and nowadays the English have fireworks and bonfires on 5th November. Children walk along the streets carrying “guys “ (big dolls), and shout “A penny for the guy!”

executed - stracony

because - ponieważ

wanted - chciał

blow up - wysadzić

gunpowder - proch strzelniczy

failed - nie udać się

nowadays - dziś

fireworks - fajerwerki

bonfires - ogniska

walk - spacerować

streets - ulice

carrying - nieść

shout - krzyczeć

Piotr Korycki