strona główna

The British and Americans celebrate Halloween on 31st October. Children go from house to house and shout ‘Trick or treat’. They disguise themselves as witches, goblins, monsters, ghosts of fairies. Adults go to parties on Halloween. They wear funny costumes and masks and play games. The most popular one is the competition in which people gather round a tub filled with water and they try to pick up the apples which are there, using their teeth. Next they listen to ghost stories. The symbol of Halloween is the jack-o’-lantern that’s a pumpkin with cut out eyes, nose and mouth and a candle inside.

Celebrate - œwiętować

adult - dorosły

disguise - przebierać się

competition - konkurs

ghost - duch

story - historia

pumpkin - dynia

candle - œwieca

gather - zebrać się

fill - napełniać, napełniony

shout - krzyczeć

base - bazować (na czymœ)

Based on ‘British and American Holidays’

Kaja Buœko