Thanksgiving Day

strona główna

In 1620 Puritans sailed from Plymouth in England, on a little ship, the Mayflower to Massachusetts. The winter in the new world was very hard and many Pilgrims died of cold and hunger. Fortunately they made friends with Indians and they could gather food for the next winter.

They were also grateful to their friends so they invited the Indians to dinner. They had wild turkeys and pumpkins. After dinner there were many contests and games.

Today Americans celebrate the event on the fourth Thursday of November. All families gather round the table and eat traditional dinner of roast turkey, sweet potatoes, squash, creamed, onions and cranberries. They have pumpkin and mincemeat pies for dessert.

Thanksgiving Day – święto dziękczynienia

sailed (cz.przeszły) = sail - żeglować

ship – statek

gather – zbierać

grateful – wdzięczny

wild turkey – dziki indyk

pumpkins – dynie

contests – zawody, konkursy

celebrate – świętować, obchodzić

roast turkey – pieczony indyk

cranberries – żurawina

minecemeat – farsz bakaliowy

Karolina Kochańska absolwentka PSP nr5